Over 38,000 Zhejiang residents evacuated as typhoon Ampil approaches

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Also, more than 28,000 ships including 22,900 fishing boats have returned to ports.

Shanghai to the northeast of Zhejiang has already upgraded an alert for tropical storm Ampil from yellow to orange Saturday afternoon as the local meteorological observatory forecast Ampil may make landfall in the city after passing through Zhoushan Islands.

Ampil will bring storms and gales to the province and neighboring regions. Winds in the northern Zhejiang will reach up to 86 kilometers per hour and to 150 km per hour in the coastal waters.

Boat owners, evacuees and operators of tourist attractions in the coastal areas and on islands have been required to keep a close eye on latest weather information and potential floods or landslides triggered by torrential rains.

Water levels in the province's rivers are reported under warning level currently.

Jiangsu Province to the north of Shanghai has informed relevant departments and industries to strengthen precautions against the forthcoming typhoon.

The provincial weather observatory said the tropical storm is now moving northwest at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and may make landfall in the province's Zhoushan Islands on Sunday morning.

HANGZHOU/SHANGHAI/NANJING, July 21 (Xinhua) -- More than 38,000 people in east China's Zhejiang Province have been relocated to safer places as Ampil, the 10th typhoon this year, approaches.

Relevant departments of Shanghai have taken actions to minimize losses. Residents in the coastal areas have been evacuated and provided shelters. Amusement parks have been closed and large-scale sport events have been suspended or canceled.

The provincial flood control, typhoon and drought relief headquarters said an emergency response has been launched.

So far, local departments such as water resources, transport, housing, agriculture and fishery have all made good preparations.